Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Addressing My Home

My new house needs a name.

Like my cats, my car, and my family members, I give names to things that are important in my life.

Right now the house is only known by its address. As addresses go, it's an awesome one: 1710 [FAKE STREET.] I love the house number 1710. It's simple and short. There's no letters or apartment numbers or dashes ("Apt. 5a-208".) Seventeen-Ten. Four syllables. And the number reminds me of a good football score. Or a good historical year, like for example, the year that Johann Kaspar (Jean-Gaspard) Reichsgraf Basselet von La Rosée was born.

The street name, [FAKE STREET], is simple, appropriate, and unpretentious. It's right across the street from a [FAKE URBAN FEATURE] and it's a [FAKE TOPOGRAPHICAL FEATURE] of middle class Americana. There's no cute spellings or pretentious words that have nothing to do with the geography of the area (i.e. Parke Harbour.) I don't have to spell it out when I give people my address.

Still, I'd like to have a name to go along with the awesome address.

The only other name I've used for a place of residence before is when I christened the first house I rented with my ex Timbecca Manor. (This was part of the larger Timbecca Empire, which, like the Roman empire, became too large and crumbled.)

So I'm taking suggestions on what to name my house. Some possibilities:
  • Timland Ranch
  • Timpire State Building
  • Fortress of Timitude
  • Furball Central
  • The Brick Haven
I'll have to think some more on it.


David Wright said...

The Tim Dome
The Wasted Land
Clavicle Land

Tim said...

I like "the Timdome." I could call it the home of my Timdom.