Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Butt-Kicking Awesome

I knew I had pushed fate too far when I changed the license plate on our Prius to TIMBKA. Not even counting the headache I had trying to physically put the new plates on the car (the emasculation of not being able to manage four screws, an appointment at the Toyota dealership where they wanted to charge me $100, endless trips to the hardware store, much cursing, etc.) I was uneasy about pushing the "Timbecca" thing too far.

I should have heeded that unease. Perhaps if I had not taunted fate by advertising our union on our vanity plate, Rebecca and I would still be together. But since she decided last week that she wants to separate for good, now I am left with an obsolete license plate that taunts me daily. I've ordered a new one, but that will take 6-8 weeks to get here.

In the meantime I need a new explanation for what TIMBKA means.

The best suggestion I've gotten so far is:

TIM Butt-Kicking Awesome!

Other possibilities:

TIM Brave Kitten Avenger

TIM Bores Kids Away

TIM Best Kisser Around

TIM Boron Krypton Arsenic

TIM Barely Knowledgeable Asshat

TIM Better Karma Awaits

TIM Babes Keep Away

Any other suggestions?


Dan S said...

Tim Blond Kansasan Aware
Tim Boy Kangaroos Await
Tim Boners Kill Amore
Tim Is Macho BlanKet Averse
Tim Isn't More BucKwheat Aware

Actually, I like Better Karma Awaits the best

Tim said...

I like "Boners Kill Amore."

Another possibility: Tim's Boner Kills Ambiguity (or Ambivalence)