Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Great Email Address

A few weeks ago I posted about funny email addresses that people have when you combine their first initial and last name. Examples there included S. Lutman (slutman) and S. Avery (savery.)

Today I came across another awesome one: S. Laaker (slaaker.) That one was so good I was convinced it was intentional misspelling of slacker, but that's really the person's name.

In this age of electronic communication, I guess this is something parents need to consider when they name their children. Mr. and Mrs. Utz should not name their son Pete (also off-limits for the Eckers and the Erverts), and the Orons really should reconsider calling their baby girl Michelle.


ALM said...

My recent personal favorite from work is someone whose first name starts with "C" and whose last name is "Law." Volia! ""

Tim said...

That's a pretty good one. It reminds me of the part in Liar Liar where Jim Carrey plays a game with this kid about "The Claw" coming to get him.

Only I saw the movie in Germany (in German), so it was die Klaue instead of the "The Claw." Watching Cary Elwes (of Princess Bride fame) dubbed in German trying to imitate Jim Carrey and play a lame version of die Klaue is something I will never forget.

Off-topic, I know, but I just had to share that memory.