Thursday, May 8, 2008

Evil Namesake

Every once in a while, when I'm alone, and I'm sure no one is watching, I'll go onto the internets, and, as surreptitiously as I can ... I ... I google myself.

Admit it-- you've done it, too.

There are many other Tim Schreibers out there, and believe it or not, they're much more active online than I am, so it's hard to find things that actually point back to me. There's a musician with my name, and he gets lots of online press. There's also a German kid with a website.

But today I discovered a new, dark member of my namesake club, an agent of sleeze who uses my good name for evil and destruction.

That's right: he's a right-wing Republican blogger. In the vein of Ann Coulter, he uses faulty logic, gratuitous insults, and cruel schadenfreude to rail against the liberals in congress, immigrants who can't speak English, hippies, hybrids, and the global warming scam. He also comes across as a real asshole in his business dealings with people. Apparently, every clerk who rings up the wrong price at the register is out to get him, and he likes to browbeat powerless employees at his health insurance company. He also rails against rich CEOs and greedy capitalists, which seems inconsistent to me, since his politics only support those kinds of people.

I usually like to avoid politics on my blog, since my brother does enough political blogging for the both of us. Plus, I'm too much of a "navel-gazer" (as my sister-in-law says) to write about things beyond myself. But it really bothers me that, merely by having my name and being himself, this other Tim is dragging my good name through the slime like that.

Eeegh, I need a shower.

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