Friday, May 8, 2009

Humor Impairement

A One-Act Play

  • CW (Co-Worker)
  • Me (Tim)
Setting: End-of-the-semester lunch at work. Very social atmosphere.

CW: There's a yankee, an oriole, a cardinal, and a cub.
Me: When you say, "Yankee" do you mean someone from the North or any American?
CW: From New York...
Me: A New Yorker?
Me; Oh, the Yankees! Is it a fan, or one of the players?
CW: Yeah, it's a player. [Rolling her eyes.] They're in uniform and carrying bats! Yankee, Oriole, Cardinal, Cub.
Me: Oh, the teams! I thought you meant the actual animals. I wondered what a person was doing with all those animals. Okay, go ahead.
CW: So the Yankee jumps off a cliff and says, "I'll do anything for the Yankees!"
Me: Wait a minute. Why did he jump off the cliff? How does jumping off a cliff help his team?
CW: [Staring daggers at me.] I don't know why.
Me: It just doesn't make any sense.
CW: [Undeterred] So then the Oriole says, "I'll do anything for the Orioles!" And jumps off the cliff. Then the Cardinal turns to the Cub and says, "Will you do anything for the Cubs?" And the Cub says,"Yes," and pushes the Cardinal off the cliff.
Me: I don't understand why they were jumping off a cliff to begin with. I mean, how does it help your team? Did the team ask them to jump off a cliff? Was it to show their loyalty?
CW: Maybe they were really terrible players. Or lemmings. Why do you have to overanalyze the joke?
Me: I wasn't overanalyzing the joke. I was analyzing it the perfect amount. It doesn't make sense.


Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I ask you: which of these characters is humor impaired?

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David Wright said...

DW: Turns to CW. Each grabs ME and throws him off the cliff. On the way down he says, "Now THAT's funny," just before landing on Albert Pujols.