Sunday, October 12, 2008

Faith in Government & Magnet Politics

Sarah Palin recently told a crowd of supporters that she doesn't put her faith in government, she puts her faith in "you."

That's very nice of her, but I'd rather that someone seeking the job of running the government would at least believe in it.

I'm so tired of Republicans taking control of our federal government just so that they can self-fulfill the prophecy that government can't help you solve your problems. Well, of course it's not going to help if the people running the show don't even believe in it.

How would it look if I were applying for a job as a college president and I announced to the hiring committee that I didn't believe in education? I believe in you to educate yourselves! How far do you think I would get with that attitude?

Obama Car Magnet Update

I finally received my Obama/Biden car magnet last week.

But putting it on my car was not so simple. It turns out that my Prius does not have any metal on its hind parts that a magnet will stick to. So I would have to put it on the side. But where?

Since then the magnet has traveled all over my car, starting at the back left side near the gas hole, then to the back seat door, then the driver's side door, then the front passenger side, and now I think it's on the back passenger side.

The problem is, I want to put it in a place where it does the most good. When I had it on the driver's side I realized that people could only see it when they were passing me. If this was someone who was impatient and had to wait behind me on the highway until I could get over to the right lane, they might be pissed at me for holding them up. Then they see my Obama sticker and think negative thoughts about him. "That damn Obama supporter held me up on the highway! I ain't voting for him!" It would probably also play into their stereotype of the Obama supporter as a liberal latte-drinking wuss who's too high on grass to drive fast on the highway.

So I moved the magnet over to the passenger side, where the only people who see it are drivers who I pass. They will associate Obama with a reckless fast-driving maniac. To them my political magnet shows that I have poor impulse control and I'm just swept up in the Obamamania with no regard for the rule of law. The other disadvantage of using the passenger side is that I get passed more often than I pass (owing to the fact that I geek-out about my mileage now that I have a Prius.) Which means fewer people see the magnet on that side.

What a dilemma.

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