Sunday, September 14, 2008

Art and Food

A few weeks ago I bought some new posters to fill some empty spaces on my walls. I put one in a frame and hung it on my wall:

And the other one is still sitting on a chair in the corner, but I admire it every time I walk from the living room to places beyond:

These works of "stationary art" complement my pair of furry "moving art" pieces:

Which are sometimes so inaccessible that I have to crawl under the bed to admire them:

Up until a few weeks ago, this is what the corner of my kitchen counter top looked like:

This is a small sample of some of the more exotic beer bottles that I've emptied over the past few months. I know it makes my apartment look like a dorm room, but it's nice to have some tangible reminder of what I did with my summer.

Bachelor Feed, Part Two: Return of the Crockpot

Then last week I discovered that I have two cookbooks left in my apartment. One of them happens to be a guide to "feasting with your slow cooker." I checked in my cupboards and discovered, to my amazement, that I own a slow cooker!

A "slow cooker" is apparently a lamer name for what I know as a "crockpot." A crockpot is something you throw a bunch of ingredients into and then let it cook all day and make your house smell like food. What a brilliant invention.

I decided I would try it out, so I selected a recipe (Lemon Garlic Chicken) and bought the ingredients at the grocery. I also bought measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a salt and pepper shaker-- all things that I've lived without for the past six months.

I am currently slow cooking (crockpotting?) my Lemon Garlic Chicken:

It smells as good as it looks.


Dan S said...

You are leaving your readers high and dry here. How was the chicken?

Tim said...

Unlike my "high and dry" readers, the chicken was low and juicy.

It actually tasted a lot like chicken. Chicken that had been soaked in lemon and garlic all day long. Delicious.

Anonymous said...


I am soo proud, sniff sniff (wipe away fake tear).