Friday, July 11, 2008


I just paid off my student loan. With a purring cat on my lap.

Actually, I scheduled the last payment. They won't take it out of my account until next Monday. I hadn't planned to pay it off this early, but I also hadn't planned on a lot of things that happened this year.

The nest egg that Rebecca and I had been saving for a house was just sitting there, split in half, but still enough to finish off my student loan. And since I'm in no position to buy a house right now, I figured I could at least kill my student debt in one fell swoop. I'm not sure what a "fell swoop" is, but I know a lot of people use them to accomplish something all at once.

I scheduled the payment online through my student loan website. Hermione, my secondary cat, was sitting on my lap as I did it, looking up and me and purring. She clearly approves of paying off one's debts.

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