Monday, June 9, 2008

Do Something!

I went to a movie last week, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was about a guy who's girlfriend dumps him, and to get over her, he goes on vacation. By a coincidence that only exists in the movies, his ex is staying the the same hotel with her new lover. The movie is filled with entertaining episodes of his pathetic plight.

The funniest part of the movie is the musician who's diddling the protagonist's ex-girlfriend. He's your typical empty-headed musician (with a strong Cockney accent, because that's funnier) who's thinks he's changing the world with his vapid lyrics. There's a music video in the movie of his big hit, "Do Something." While he's exhorting his audience to "do something" about all the bad things in the world, he holds up signs (a la Bob Dylan) with a pithy saying that are supposed to blow your mind:
  • Fight Back Against Violence
  • Don't Consume-- Buy Green
  • Get Angry-- Feed the Poor
  • False Untruths Kill
  • and my personal favorite, Sodomize Intolerance

It's fun satire.

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Dan S said...

You should include one of your jihad references in there somewhere ("Let's Jihad Religious Intolerance", or something).